Crossing the Gulf Stream Finally

Always fun to have Dolphins playing in our wake

Ok…After receiving a great recommendation from a friend, we had the necessary repairs done, and we were back in business.

Now we just need the weather to cooperate… Found a Pickleball court and did some cruising around the marina.

After watching the weather pattern was not looking good, we decided to head south to Miami. This will put us in a better position to cross WITH the Gulf Stream instead of against.

Ok..6:30 am.. we are heading to Bimini, to get across the Gulf Stream. It will also be great to clear Customs in a small office . We will spend the night and then start next part, the journey to the Exumas. We were glad we waited… this was probably the best crossing we ever had.

Once settled in, we grabbed a golf cart to run to a electronics store to pick up a Bahamas “Hot Spot”. Now we have internet and phone connections when we are near cell towers which we are finding out are more frequent these days.

To give you an idea of our itinerary… Bimini, Chub Cay, Norman’s Cay/Exuma’s. Bimini to Normans is around 225nm. A long 3-4 day trip at 8.5 kts, depending on weather.

We left Bimini at the crack of dawn… Had a long 10 hour day to Chub Cay. Weather was supposed to be a little lumpy, but because we will be on the shallow Bahama Bank, we should be fine.

Now this is a nice weather forecast… Blue under 5 knots, Purple no wind. Yippee!

Tonight we are enjoying a very fresh home made – by Chef Wayner – conch dinner on the boat.

We are off again tomorrow for another 10 hour trip, but with great weather, we should be able to make it to Norman’s Cay / The Exuma Island Chain where we will spend the next 2 months finding new places to explore!

Thanks for checking in with us… We hope you are all happy and healthy.

Beautiful marina sunset

30 thoughts on “Crossing the Gulf Stream Finally”

  1. Wonderful pictures! The adventure is looking exciting. Love the Sharon’s mermaid! 🧞‍♀️. And Wayner, your conch looks fabulous!!!
    Looking forward to the next 2 months of pics and stories. 😘☀️

  2. Hi my friend. It’s great to read of your travels. Your pictures are wonderful! I am so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing and reading of your new adventures.

  3. Yeah from The Meehans! So happy you are settled on the islands, no more bridges and a full belly! Love you both and your 4 legged mini dog!

  4. Watch out for the pirates . Tad, Monica Peter and I got robbed …. Back in the 1970’s…. Flew in Peter ‘s plane to an out island resort…. Photos are fabulous… have a great adventure. With love…..

  5. Looking good you two! So glad you’re having fun. Chef Wayner looks like he’s in his element.
    Love, Mary and Joe

  6. Looks fabulous , glad you are having a great time!!! What Paradise!!! Enjoy and KEEP THE BLOG ON,,love the pictures and narritive. CHEERS!

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